Trotting through Tuscany

The photographs shown here were all taken on holiday in Florence in October 1997. While there we took the oportunity to visit some other areas of Tuscany.

A Visit to Tuscany.
The Ponte Vecchio, Florence 36KB Michelangelo's David 19KB View of the Arno, Florence 22KB
On the Ponte Vecchio, Florence 34KB View across the rooftops, Florence 38KB View from the dome of the Duomo, Florence 50KB
Campanile of the Duomo, Florence 34KB Palazzo Vecchio, Florence 38KB View from city walls, Florence 50KB
Palazzo dei Popolo, San Gimignano 34KB Main Gateway, San Gimignano 45KB Via San Giovanni, San Gimignano 36KB
Collegiata, San Gimignano 41KB View from Fortress, San Gimignano 30KB A view from San Gimignano 50KB
The Duomo, Siena 29KB Front of the Duomo, Siena 28KB
'Palazzo Pubblico' the Gothic town hall, Siena 29KB Piazza del Campo, Siena 28KB
A gateway into Pisa 38KB Palazzo dei Cavalieri, Pisa 45KB
Ceiling in the Duomo, Pisa 50KB The Tower 38KB The Duomo, Pisa 50KB
View fom the hills outside Florence 22KB Olive groves between Florence and Fiesole 50KB
At a vineyard outside Fiesole 38KB Etruscan ruins in Fiesole 62KB
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