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We live 4 miles outside the town of Dumfries in southwest Scotland. This Website attempts to provide information on some items of interest in or around Dumfries which are listed below. If your browser can work with frames you have the choice of using the buttons above or the list below to select items. On selecting an item you will be given information with photo's as available and appropriate. All photo's are our own and you can enlarge most by clicking on them. The enlarged photo's can be up to 50KB or more in size. Items and photo's may be changed from time to time.

Dumfries Castles or Tower Houses.
Crichton Royal Hospital. An Archaeological Excavation.
Crichton Royal Museum. Photo Album.

The Williams Family If you want to contact us please create the e-mail address by taking 'john@' and adding it to 'johnandmoragwilliams.co.uk'(all lower case,and no spaces). I don't put it down properly here as advertisers trawl web-sites for e-mail addresses to send their rubbish to.

This site last updated June 2015