Visiting Venezuela

Views of Venezuela.

A selection of photographs taken in November 1998 while visiting our son who was working in Venezuela at that time. They cover four areas ranging from Margarita Island to the Andes. Each picture can be enlarged by clicking on it.
Caribean sunrise at Pampatar, Margarita Island. - 27KB Early morning view across Pampatar towards Porlamar, Margarita. - 24KB Moored Fishing Boats viewed from Fortin La Caranta Fort, Pampatar. - 34KB
Flamingo Beach Hotel, Margarita. - 38KB State Building for Nueva Esparta State in La Asuncion, Margarita. - 19KB Castillo de Santa Rosa guarding La Asuncion, Margarita. - 46KB
Playa Pampatar, Margarita. - 50KB Evening view at Pampatar, Margarita. - 23KB Sunset at Pampatar, Margarita Island. - 21KB
On the road from Maturin to Caripe. - 42KB Cave of the rare nocturnal Guacharo birds near Caripe. - 109KB On our way into the cave which is over 1500 km. deep. - 75KB
looking back to the entrance of the cave. - 15KB On our way out again. - 41KB View from the cave entrance. - 82KB
54KB Views of the Caripe valley. 53KB 33KB
View from mountain-side overlooking Caracas. - 30KB Outside the Museum of Contemporary Art. - 37KB A view across to Theatre Teresa Carreño, Caracas. - 32KB
View from a courtyard inside the Museum of Contemporary Art. - 75KB Street Musicians, Caracas. - 82KB Caracas, built in a narrow valley, has gradually expanded up the slopes of the mountains surrounding it. - 17KB
34KB 24KB
As it grows darker so the lights of Caracas come on.
Merida, La Sevillana Hotel at 7,000 ft altitude. - 68KB Bedrooms at La Sevillana. - 38KB A small village between Merida and Apartaderos. - 40KB
El Teleférico de Mérida, longest and highest cable car in the world. - 46KB The first Stage of the Cable Car route. - 25KB 3rd Cable Car Station at 13,281ft. - 33KB
The Andes from above the clouds. - 22KB Pico Bolivar 16,427ft, the highest peak in Venezuela. - 27KB Merida from 8,000ft. - 30KB
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